Why buy a Refurbished Laser Printer?

Why buy a Refurbished Printer?

There are two answers.

The Short Answer:  First of all, If you choose a quality restorer the printer is often more reliable
than the day it left the factory. Furthermore, It has been used, updated, evaluated and had all the
worn components replaced using the most up to date methods.

The Long Answer:  Because technology like any other product goes
through three developmental stages, it is important to adopt it a the right phase.

The first stage the public often sees is the “Beta” phase.

This initial public release is a trial or experiment. Consequently, it allows the manufacturer and
designer to fix issues that were not discovered during testing. Hence, this is too early to adopt the technology.

The second stage is the “Alpha” phase.

This second and more widespread release is when a product first reaches
stores and distributors. While a vast majority of issues have been resolved
and the product is highly reliable, there are probably still problems from time to time.
As a result it is still a little too early to adopt the technology.

The third stage is the “Service” phase.

We have all seen “Service Packs” for software. These are improvements
and fixes address issues of reliability and compatibility that users have
discovered in real-world use. Most noteworthy is the fact that the product has now seen real world use.

How many times have you gotten a new smart-phone or piece of electronics only to hear about a mandatory update you need to download only weeks after you got the device?

This happens to printers as well. Why not buy a printer that has already been through this process and save yourself the frustration. We feel refurbished printers take full advantage of this developmental process to deliver the most reliable, tested, improved, and versatile product possible.  Hence, this is when we feel it is an especially good time to add the technology to your printer population.

Furthermore a quality refurbished printer manufacturer will do the following:

> Pre-Test and evaluate each printer, reject units with critical failures.

> Disassemble and clean each printer to the component level.

> Replace worn or defective components with OEM parts

> Research and apply any critical firmware or hardware upgrades.

> Re-Test both as a stand-alone installation and network installation
(if equipped)

> Package all printers in custom-formed foam inserts. To prevent damage in shipping.

In Conclusion, this ensures you receive the highest quality version of your ordered printer,
and that you can be productive from the moment it arrives.

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Click this video to watch us fully refurbish an HP Laserjet 4250n Laser Printer!