What is a 49.4c02 Service Error?

What causes the 49 Service Error:

The 49 Service Error or more specifically the 49.4c02 Service Error is caused by age.  As laser printers stay in use for longer periods of time more and more compatibility issue occur in the office environment. With files and tasks being distributed between non-standardized computer systems there is great potential for conflict. Furthermore, just like any conflict there are always at least 2 sides. The 49 Service Error is created when a newer application is asking an older printer to perform a task and consequently the older printer gets confused.

As a result, the printer manufactures and the software developers try to prevent this conflict by releasing updates to their software and drivers. But often IT professionals and end-users are unaware that these updates have been released. Therefore situations occur where neither the software is updated nor the printer and that is when you will see the 49 Service Error. There are also a few very rare hardware related causes that we have listed below for accuracy but are not usually the issue.

Common Culprits: (Listed from MOST Common to LEAST)

Old or outdated firmware
Conflicting versions of 3rd Party Software
Using PCL 6 instead of PCL 5
Old or outdated drivers
Packet Loss or Interference on Network
Bad data cable

Solutions: NOTE: The reader assumes all liability for these instructions. Dallas Laser Printers is not responsible for DATA LOSS, DAMAGE , TIME, or OUTCOME in the event that you employ these solutions. This information is given as a service to the community and does not create a relationship or obligation between the reader and Dallas Laser Printers.

How do I get past the 49 Service Error: (Temporary) To continue printing you must:

Turn off the printer
Disconnect the data or network cable
Clear the print queue
Turn the printer back on
Re-connect the data or network cable

Clearing the print queue on a Standalone Windows™ PC

The print queue is located in “Printers and Faxes” or “Printers and Devices” menus that can be accessed via the “Start” button. Once you are in the correct folder simply click the icon of the printer you are trying to print to. The new window that opens will show you a list of your active jobs. Right Click each job to delete.

Clearing the print queue in a Office Network Environment

Call your IT Helpdesk or designated Network Admin

If error reoccurs, perform a “COLD RESET” on the printer. This is a series of button press commands that restores the factory settings on a select group of options in the printer. An internet search for “COLD RESET xxxxx yyyyyyyyy” Where xxxxx is the brand of printer and yyyyyyyyyy is the model # should yield simple easy to follow instructions on how to perform a cold reset on your printer. If none of these steps solved the problem please see the permanent solutions below.

How do I solve the 49.4c02 Service Error: (Permanent)

Check for old or outdated firmware

First, Verify the printers current firmware. Simply print a “Configuration Page” from the printers control panel. The page that prints will contain a line that list the “Firmware Version” or “Firmware Date-code” Locate this date and set the sheet aside. Visit http://www.HP.com and click on “Support and Drivers” Enter the model number of your printer and follow on-screen instructions. Choose “Cross operating system (BIOS, Firmware, Diagnostics, etc.”. Look at the table of data displayed. There will be a column labeled “Current Version” Check that this date is newer that the date listed on your configuration page. If available, choose the Easy Firmware Update Utility, if not choose the Firmware file for your operating system. Click the download link. Follow the instruction included in the README file of the download to install. !!! READE THESE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY !!!

Conflicting versions of 3rd Party Software

3rd party software developers, i.e.: Adobe®, Intuit®, or even Microsoft®, can have multiple versions of software running in the same company, office, or network concurrently. For example Sally may create a PDF in Office 2007 and email it Harold who tries to print it in Adobe® Reader X. These applications span four years of time between when they were created. Luckily these companies are aware of this and try to help the consumer out by releasing free updates or service packs. You should know which program is conflicting because it is the one you sent your most recent print job from. Finally check to see if you are running the most recent version and have all applicable updates installed.

Old or outdated drivers or switching to PCL 5

PCL 5 is a much more stable driver choice and is suitable in most environments that do not require PostScript drivers. We recommend all users install PCL 5 Drivers. Visit http://www.HP.com and click on “Support and Drivers” Enter the model number of your printer and follow on-screen instructions to download. Choose the PCL 5 driver when available. Read the included instructions on the download to uninstall your current driver and install the new driver.

Less Common Issues:

Packet Loss or Interference on Network

You can check IT Hardware for loose connections of bad ports. This includes patch panels, routers, and switches. Please note that this is the solution in less than 2% of all cases.

Bad data cable

You can obtain a new USB or Cat5e Cable and switch it for the existing one. Please note that this is the solution in less than 2% of all cases.

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