Can I drop off a printer for repair?

No.   But we can still help!

Moving laser printers is a big job, even for the smallest printers!

To drop off a printer for repair complicates the repair process.  We STRONGLY advise our business customers to call us at 972-423-1115 to schedule a ON-Site Laser Printer Repair Service, or click here to schedule one online.  For only $115 we will come to your business at a commercial address in Dallas or Collin County and perform diagnostics, cleaning, and repairs.  The only additional charges are for parts when needed.

Risks and Issues with moving a laser printer:

  • Printers are dirty!  This can get on your clothes and vehicles.  Toner can also be dislodged during moving and get onto internal components which could cause additional problems.
  • Printers can be dropped.  Nothing hurts a printer like concrete!
  • Users often forget to bring toner or cables which can cause delays in repair.
  • Some printer issues are not printer issues.  Often errors on the printer are caused by PC or Network issues.  We cannot reproduce these in the shop.

But what if I work from home?

We understand.  This is not 1988.  Many people work from home.  We have not forgotten you, and we want to help!

For our home users we have a Fast, Easy, & Contact-Less Concierge option:

  • Home Based Option:   Concierge Printer Service
    • This service is a door-to-door printer repair package.  In select North Texas areas one of our highly trained printer techs will pickup the printer from the door of your home and deliver it to our repair shop.  We will evaluate the printer and contact you with an estimate.   You can then authorize repairs or choose to not proceed with repairs.  We will then repair the printer and return it to your door at a specified time, or recycle it for you.
    • The fee for this Concierge Printer Service is $115 plus any parts.   A minimum $75 Fee is required regardless of whether further repairs are authorized.
    • You must complete this form and receive an Authorization Number and ETA for Pickup prior to repair.