Can you fix my Inkjet or Officejet Printer?

No, But please read why.  It could save you money!

Ink-Based printers, known as InkJet printers are a great solution for many homes.  They are relatively low cost to purchase and produce high quality photographic prints.   We DO offer high quality ink for these printers at large savings over retail stores. Visit our webstore here.

Unfortunately, they are often a poor choice for businesses.   The main issue is the lack of repair parts and the way the ink systems are designed.

Our ability to repair or fix a printer has two main requirements:

1.  That replacement parts are available.

2. The printer itself is designed to be disassembled.

Unfortunately Inkjet printers fail on both of these requirements.   HP, Canon, Dell, Brother, all do a fantastic job offering warranty replacements during the first year of ownership.  What they don’t offer is repair.  If you have a problem during the first year you can simply call them and they will replace the printer if a warranty issue is found.   During and after this year they do not sell a large enough selection of repair components to make commercial printer repair feasible on inkjets.  Some companies will purchase used inkjets for parts and perform repairs using these used components.  This is a poor decision and we will not do this on inkjets.

The ink also poses a barrier to repair.  Printer ink is messy!  It is sticky and tends to gum when exposed to oxygen for long periods.   Removing this ink required submerging the printer components into special ink removal baths.  Modern inkjets do not allow sensitive electronic components to be removed effectively to perform this procedure.   The labor required would quickly exceed the purchase price of the printer.

So when should I use an inkjet or a laser printer?


  • Home Use (Less than 50 Prints a Month)
  • Glossy Photo Printing
  • Portable Needs

Cost of Inkjet Ownership:

  • Average cost of printer $75-$400
  • Life Span: 1-3 years
  • Average cost of prints $0.30-$0.60 each!   Ouch!!!


  • More than 50 Prints a Month
  • Great for Business Graphics, Charts, Real Estate Ads Etc
  • No Glossy Photo Printing

Cost of Laser Ownership:

  • Average cost of printer $200-$1500
  • Life Span:  3-10 years
  • Average cost of prints $0.005-$0.10 each!   Amazing!!!


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